Apple changes official MacBook description to Laptop

Apple seems to be making changes to some of its brands, specifically what to call its MacBook products. Before that, Apple officially referred to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as "Mac notebooks" or just "notebooks," a relatively outdated term in the laptop industry. But now, Apple is switching to the term "Laptop," with product pages in Apple's online store, articles in Apple Support, and even the Mac operating system using the new term.

Over the past week, 9to5Mac has noticed that the Apple Support article has been updated to start using "Mac laptops" or "laptops" instead of "notebooks", and dozens of articles have been updated, at least on the official US site.

Apple's online store also appears to have been updated, with many pages in the Mac section now using "laptop" instead of "notebooks".

In addition, for macOS Ventura, which is still in the beta stage, when setting up a new MacBook Air / MacBook Pro, it will also be called "X-and-X Laptop" instead of "X-and-X MacBook" by default.

Apple has not officially acknowledged this wording change, and although in Chinese we both translate Laptops and Notebooks as laptops, according to 9to5Mac, Apple's wording change is a step in the right direction step. Calling a laptop a "Notebook" is outdated these days, and other PC makers now commonly refer to their notebooks as a "Laptop. "

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