Apple iOS/iPadOS 16.1 Developer Preview Beta 5/6 / macOS 13 Ventura Developer Preview Beta/ watchOS 9.1 developer preview / public beta 5 11 released

Apple today pushed the iOS 16.1 developer preview Beta 5 update (build number: 20B5072b ) to iPhone users, and the iPad OS 16.1 developer preview Beta 6 update (same internal version number) , this update is 7 days after the last release.

According to Apple's official changelog, both new versions have bug fixes and performance improvements. But according to the developer's website, these two versions also introduce new bugs in Matter accessories and memory allocation, so be cautious.

iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 are expected to push the official version soon, bringing new features and improvements to real-time notifications, front-end scheduling, and battery icons in the status bar.

Apple today pushed the macOS 13 Developer Preview Beta 11 update (build number: 22A5373b) to Mac computer users. This update is 7 days after the last release. macOS Ventura introduces Foreground Scheduling, a new feature that allows Mac users to focus on a task while keeping other applications ready to switch between tasks. The update adds Continuity Camera, which is designed to use the iPhone as a webcam for the Mac. It supports centered portrait, desktop view, and studio lighting.

Handoff Relay will be available for FaceTime, allowing users to transfer calls between iPhone, iPad, and Mac at will, and messaging supports features such as marking iMessages as unread, unsending iMessages, and marking as unread. SharePlay can also be used in messaging apps.

The Mail app supports adjustment and undo within 10 seconds of sending, and the Weather and Clock apps will also be available on the Mac. System Preferences has been renamed to System Settings, and it has an iOS-like design.

Safari supports shared tab groups, and Apple is developing passkeys, a next-generation credential that replaces passwords. There are updates to Spotlight, new features to the Photo Gallery, and Metal 3 included in macOS Ventura for better graphics in games.

The official version of macOS 13 Ventura will be publicly released this month.

Apple today pushed the watchOS 9.1 developer preview / public beta Beta 5 update (build number: 20S5072a) to Apple Watch users. This update is 7 days after the last release.

watchOS 9 is suitable for Apple Watch Series 4 and later models, and is paired with iPhone 8 and later models running iOS 16 or iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later models.

watchOS 9 introduces more personalized watch faces, an enhanced fitness training app, a sleep stage feature in the sleep app, and an FDA-cleared atrial fibrillation history feature.

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