Apple iPhone 14 original data cable uses C91M connector

According to the charging head network, the connector of the original CL data cable of the Apple iPhone 14 was changed from C94 to C91M. The component layout of the new C91M data line is the same as the old C94, and there is no significant difference in fast charging performance. The charging head network said that Apple's replacement of the C91M connector may be for anti-counterfeiting considerations.

Not long ago, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to mandate USB-C as a universal charging port for various consumer electronic devices including iPhones and AirPods by the end of 2024. This could mean that the new C91M cable could be Apple's last generation of Lightning cables.

A new regulation by the European Parliament states that from autumn 2024, USB type-C will become the standard for smartphones, tablets, e-readers, keyboards, computer mice, GPS devices, digital cameras, headsets, handheld video game consoles sold in the EU, and a standard charging port for portable speakers. Starting in 2026, USB-C will also become the standard interface for laptop chargers.

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