Apple iPhone 14 / Pro series disassembly report shows the parts cost hits record high and A16 bionic chip cost soars

According to, a dismantling report from Japan shows that the total price of parts of Apple's iPhone 14 series flagship models is about 20% higher than that of the iPhone 13, a record high. According to estimates by Fomalhaut, the total price of parts for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is about $501 (about 3,552 yuan), which is more than $60 (about 425 yuan) higher than the previous generation iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Since the launch of the iPhone "Max" flagship model in 2018, the cost price has fallen between US$400 (about 2836 yuan) and US$450 (about 3191 yuan). This time it has directly raised more than US$60, and the cost of parts and Parts totals both saw their biggest gains since 2018.

In terms of model pricing, the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the smallest capacity is priced at the same US market price as the same model in 2018 and remains at $1,099 (about 7,792 yuan). The rise in component prices was not directly passed on and became the main reason for squeezing profits.

The report pointed out that the increase in the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro series is mainly related to the A16 Bionic chip. The chip costs $110 (about 780 yuan), which is more than 2.4 times the A15 chip in last year's iPhone 13 Pro Max. The A16 Bionic uses the most advanced 4nm process, currently, only TSMC and Samsung Electronics have such production technology.

Fomalhaut said that this highlights Apple's product strategy that "it cannot be separated by new features, but has to use high-performance configuration to make a distinction".

In terms of other parts, the CMOS used in the iPhone 14 comes from Sony. Among the three cameras on the rear of the iPhone 14 Pro, the size of the CMOS used in the main camera is 30% larger than before, and the price is also about 50% higher at $15 (about 106 USD). yuan). Due to the adoption of the new CMOS, the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro series has increased to 48 million pixels.

The OLED panel of the dismantled model adopts Samsung electronic products; the baseband chip is from Qualcomm, and the power management chip (PMIC) is Apple's own product. In 2018, Apple acquired the power management chip business of British chip maker Dialog for $600 million (about 4.254 billion yuan).

In addition, the report said that among the total parts of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, by region, the United States accounted for 32.4%, South Korea accounted for 24.8%, Japan accounted for 10.9%, Taiwan accounted for 7.2%, mainland China accounted for 3.8% , others (unknown) accounted for 20.9%.

Among the total parts of iPhone 13 Pro Max last year, the United States accounted for 22.6%, South Korea accounted for 30.4%, Japan accounted for 14.5%, Taiwan accounted for 8.4%, mainland China accounted for 4.5%, and others (unknown) accounted for 19.6%.

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