Apple iPhone's iOS 16 custom lock screen limit is 200

One of the main features of Apple's iOS 16 is the new customizable iPhone lock screen. It allows users to create multiple sets of different wallpapers, font settings, and even widgets. However, despite the variety of customization options, the latest version of the iPhone OS won't let you create unlimited custom lock screens.

As an iPhone user on Reddit pointed out, iOS 16 has a limit of 200 custom lock screens per iPhone. After that, the user will be prompted to delete one of the sets before creating a new lock screen. Of course, this limit is more than enough for many users.

Navigating through the 200 lock screen options also doesn't seem intuitive in the current implementation. Because the user has to swipe through each option, and there's no quick way to jump from the first option to the last.

iOS 16.1 is currently available as a beta version for developers, and Apple has introduced another way to let users switch between wallpaper collections through the Settings app. The update also makes it easier for users to customize the iPhone home screen wallpaper options.

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