Apple releases USB-C to Apple Pencil charging port adapter

Apple released the iPad 10 tablet this evening, replacing the Lightning interface with a USB-C interface. However, the iPad 10 only supports the first-generation Apple Pencil, which can only be charged through the port on the rear, and the two are obviously mismatched. Therefore, Apple's official website listed a strange product, a USB-C to Apple Pencil converter, the price is 67 yuan.

iPad 10 users who bought this adapter can connect one end to the iPad 10's USB-C charging cable and the other end to charge the Apple Pencil. Note that the adapter cannot be directly plugged into the rear port of the iPad 10, and needs to be connected to the USB-C charging cable, which means that charging the Apple Pencil requires connecting two parts.

The USB-C to Apple Pencil charging port converter has been officially launched.

Apple iPad 10 uses a new right-angled edge design, equipped with an A14 processor, equipped with USB-C interface, 64GB Wi-Fi version is priced at 3599 yuan, 256GB Wi-Fi version is priced at 4799 yuan; 64GB Wi-Fi + cellular version The price is 4,799 yuan, and the 256GB Wi-Fi + cellular version is priced at 5,999 yuan.

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