Apple to offer 5G network support for iPhones in India in December

Previously reported that the Indian government will pressure Apple, Samsung, and other mobile phone makers to prioritize the rollout of system upgrades to support the country’s 5G network. The latest news shows that Apple will complete this task within the year.

A source has revealed that Apple will add 5G support from Indian carriers to the iPhone via a software update as early as December. Apple and Indian carrier Airtel will meet this week to discuss why the iPhone is not compatible with India's 5G network, sources said. Apple has reportedly tested 5G support on iPhones in Mumbai and New Delhi, India, citing a source who said the official update could roll out support in December.

India officially launched 5G services on October 1, and the first batch only covers some major cities. It is expected to be fully rolled out by 2024. Indian telecom operators Airtel and Jio are expanding 5G networks nationwide. Apple's iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 14, and many of Samsung's flagship phones don't currently support 5G networks in India.

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