Apple unlikely to bring Touch ID back to iPhones

Starting with the iPhone X in 2017, Face ID replaced Touch ID on the iPhone, but since then, there have been sporadic rumors that Apple may bring Touch ID back to the iPhone, but It's still just a rumor. While Apple has tested adding Touch ID back to the iPhone, it's unlikely to actually happen anytime soon.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter that Apple has tested the iPhone's under-screen Touch ID and has also considered adding Touch ID to the power button, similar to the iPad. Air and iPad mini. However, while Apple has conducted both tests, Gurman believes neither is likely to see light "at least for the foreseeable future."

Bringing Touch ID back to high-end iPhones has been discussed internally at Apple for the past few years. The company has tested in-display Touch ID and even considered putting it on the power button. At this point, I believe Face ID is here to stay, and Touch ID isn't coming back to flagship iPhones, at least not for the foreseeable future.

One possibility, Gurman also said, is that Apple could move Touch ID to the power button on lower-end iPhones, such as the iPhone SE, similar to what Apple has done with the iPad, but Gurman said he hasn't "listened to it yet". to any news that this is actually a work in progress."

Face ID has improved significantly over the years, especially now that it can work in landscape mode and can also be used with a mask, bringing Touch ID back to the iPhone really doesn't seem necessary.

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