Apple Watch Series 7 explodes after overheating

An Apple Watch Series 7 user's watch eventually exploded after overheating and smoking. This incident has now attracted the attention of Apple, and the company has confirmed that it will investigate the incident. At the same time, however, Apple also tried to keep the user from revealing the matter to the outside world.

9to5Mac interviewed the Apple Watch user, who said he noticed that the Apple Watch on his wrist was much hotter than usual, and then he found that the back of the watch had cracked and the watch screen displayed a warning that it needed to be shut down due to high temperature. The user was in his own home at the time, and the room temperature was about 21 degrees Celsius.

The user said he immediately called Apple Support to explain the situation when he discovered the situation, and the call was eventually forwarded to a manager who took a note for further investigation. But Apple didn't offer any solution or advice after that, other than to ask him not to touch the watch until he heard back from the company.

The next morning, however, the watch's condition deteriorated further. The user woke up to find that the watch was hotter to the touch and that the heat had cracked the device's display. When the user picked up the watch to take a photo to send to Apple, the watch immediately began to crackle. Then, just as he threw the watch out of the window, it "exploded" , leaving burn marks on the user's sofa. The user ended up going to the emergency room because he was worried about lead poisoning, but the lead level in the Apple Watch was not actually enough to actually cause poisoning, and the user went to the emergency room only out of concern.

He then contacted Apple again for an update. He was told the case would be a "top priority" and he would receive an update by next Monday. He later received a response from Apple, which arranged for the watch to be retrieved and said it was sending the watch to its lab for further testing .

At present, Apple has not issued a public statement on the incident, nor has it given the results of the investigation of the incident. IT Home will remain concerned.

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