Apple's 2024 iPad may use hybrid OLED technology to make it thinner

Apple may use a "hybrid (hybrid)" OLED technology in the iPad in 2024, which can reduce production costs while making the device thinner. By combining rigid OLED glass substrates with flexible OLED thin-film encapsulation, the technology can make OLED panels thinner than rigid OLED panels and less expensive to produce than flexible OLED panels because it does not require a backlight layer.

Hybrid OLED technology in a report in August, also stated that Apple prefers hybrid OLED to the flexible OLED panel used in the iPhone because the flexible panel has There is a noticeable tendency to "crumple", especially at large screen sizes.

DigiTimes verifies this claim. Industry insiders revealed that Apple has incorporated Taiwan-based SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) companies into its supply chain, and SMT may participate in the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro and MacBook Pro mini LEDs Backlight supply.

According to the report, Apple has provided financial support for SMT to expand production capacity, and some devices are dedicated to mini LED backlights for the SMT process, which is more difficult to achieve than standard LED backlights because the former requires the use of more mini LED chips.

Currently, only the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro use mini LED screens, and all three devices are expected to be updated to the M2 chip by the end of the year.

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