Apple's iOS 16 brings the most bugs to social networking apps

When a new iOS version is launched, it is bound to bring some unforeseen bugs, and these bugs will also cause some strange problems in third-party applications, and iOS 16 is no exception. An analysis of user reviews in the weeks after iOS 16 first rolled out found that social networking apps and dating apps were more likely to have issues on iPhones running Apple's latest operating system.

To understand which types of apps are experiencing the most problems in iOS 16, UnitQ applied artificial intelligence to thousands of reviews of 4,800 mobile apps on the App Store, comparing those reviews with those published before iOS 16 launched.

The survey found that complaints about app quality issues for social networking apps increased by 42%, ranking first. Dating apps came in second, with user complaints about quality issues increasing by more than a third, and health and fitness apps came in third with a 21 percent increase.

Specific to the type of problem, users of social networking apps complained that they were unable to upload photos increased by 90%. Reports of Apple Pay not working in shopping apps also increased by 90%, and complaints of blank screens in games increased by 85%.

Not all of these problems are present in consumer-facing software. In business and productivity apps, there was a 73% increase in users being unable to log in to apps. This is a big problem with the new iPhone 14, but fortunately, Apple fixed the bug in iOS 16.0.1.

It's important to point out that these numbers are a percentage increase in complaints about specific issues in app reviews, not that 90% of iPhone shopping app users can't use Apple Pay, just that compared to the pre-iOS 16 release, there are The number of complaints nearly doubled.

This analysis does not mean that iOS 16 has more bugs. UnitQ did the same analysis shortly after the release of iOS 15 and found that the system has more serious problems. For example, complaints about excessive buffering in social networking apps rose 2,900%, and complaints about missing download buttons in photo/video apps rose 1,633%.

These iOS 15 issues have finally been resolved, and iOS 16 will be the same.

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