Apple's iPadOS 16.1 official version is expected to be released the last week of October

Mark Gurman reported that if there are no new software vulnerabilities or problems, Apple plans to release the iPadOS 16.1 system in the last week of October. In a tweet, Gurman said that iPadOS 16.1 is expected to be released the week of October 24,. Given that the iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 updates have the same Build number, Apple will likely release iOS 16.1 at the same time.

Apple previously said that iPadOS 16 would be released in October, but did not provide a specific release date.

iPadOS 16 was originally expected to be released at the same time as iOS 16 in September, but Apple delayed the iPadOS software update after some users criticized the new foreground scheduling, which allows for multiple apps in overlapping windows, to be buggy.

Front Desk Scheduling allows users to open up to four applications in overlapping windows on the iPad display to improve the multitasking experience. On macOS 13 Ventura there is also a revised front scheduler for keeping windows front and center.

Apple recently expanded pre-stage scheduling to 2018 (A12X) and 2020 (A12Z) older iPad Pros, albeit without external display support, which would limit the built-in display to four apps. Apple has also delayed external display support for the M1 iPad models, which is not expected to arrive until later this year.

Given this delay, iPadOS 16 will be released as iPadOS 16.1. The update is compatible with all iPad Pro models, iPad Air 3 and newer, fifth-generation iPad mini 5 and newer, and iPad 5 and newer devices.

Apple's macOS 13 Ventura will also be released in October.

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