Apple's iPhone trade-in plan overseas is complained

In the past few years, Apple has paid more and more attention to its iPhone trade-in program, using the program to entice iPhone users to upgrade every year. However, there are still some odd issues with this trade-in program.

It has traded in several iPhones through Apple's trade-in program over the years without any issues. This year, however, a week and a half after mailing an iPhone 13 Pro Max to Apple for a trade-in, he received an email from Apple saying it had been delivered, but there was nothing in it. At the same time, Apple asked it to describe the exact items placed in the express packaging and to describe in detail how the contents were packaged and sealed.

A day later, Apple deducted the $705 trade-in discount from its linked credit card.

When the editor complained about the problem on Twitter, it found it to be a common problem. There are tons of iPhone owners who seem to get emails like this every year, and this year's iPhone 14 is no exception. Fortunately, in most cases, Apple is able to solve this problem, but sometimes it turns out not to be the case.

9to5Mac believes there is a big problem with Apple's iPhone trade-in program. The company relies heavily on third parties for key aspects of the program, including UPS and FedEx for courier delivery, and other third-party companies for managing the receipt and storage of incoming iPhones.

These links are likely to go wrong, and the iPhone is likely to be stolen from the courier package during the process of handing over the iPhone to the courier company and third-party companies receiving the iPhone.

Therefore, many people suggest that you should go to an Apple retail store for a trade-in instead of using express delivery. This is convenient if you live near an Apple retail store, but many people don't have it and can only use express delivery.

9to5Mac believes that the best solution to this problem is for Apple to add some kind of "trade-in mode" to the iPhone, which the user can turn on before the iPhone is mailed and the trade-in is completed, which allows the iPhone to turn on the "Find My" feature, Users and Apple can track the location and progress of the phone throughout the delivery.

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