Aragonite previews a new generation of electronic paper books

According to the official news of Aragonite, a new generation of electronic paper book products will be released on October 19th, including Leaf2, Nova5, Note X2, and Tab10. On October 20 last year, Aragonite BOOX held a new product launch in the fall of 2021 and launched four new ink screen readers of different sizes and different positioning. On October 19 this year, the whole series of products will usher in an upgrade, and it is expected to be equipped with an upgraded version of the E INK panel.

At present, the mainstream model of Aragonite BOOX Leaf is still on sale, the price is 1399 yuan, this is a 7-inch flat ink screen reader, using 300PPI Carta 1100 screen, 2GB + 32GB storage, supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, It has a speaker and a microphone, is equipped with Android  10 system, has a battery capacity of 2000mAh and weighs 169g.

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