Arm decides to separate automotive and IoT businesses into four major business lines

Arm announced that it will be reorganized to adjust the Internet of Things (IoT) business into a separate business line. After splitting the automotive and IoT businesses, Arm will have four business lines, the other two being the client business and the infrastructure business.

After the termination of the acquisition transaction with Nvidia, SoftBank Group has begun to promote the listing and financing of its semiconductor intellectual property provider Arm, and their management has also been adjusted. Replacement, now it's time to make adjustments to the internals.

Rene Hass, ARM's chief executive, said, "We have made great strides in both the automotive and IoT markets, and until now we have all come together as one group. It is the right time to separate the two divisions because They're all large, independent businesses now, so going forward, we'll have four separate lines of business: automotive, the client (consumer technology), infrastructure, and IoT."

For the Automotive and IoT business, Dipti Vachani will continue to lead the Automotive business line as Senior Vice President (SVP) and General Manager (GM), while IoT will become an independent now run by Paul Williamson Line of Business (LoB), he will no longer be responsible for customer business Run IoT LoB as SVP and GM.

According to reports, before leading the customer team, Williamson was in charge of the security, Internet of Things, and wireless divisions at Arm, and has been involved in connected devices since the early Bluetooth division, developing innovative products for the consumer, medical and industrial markets.

In addition, Mohamed Awad, who has played a key role in managing the IoT business, will join ARM's Executive Committee and lead the infrastructure team as Senior Vice President and General Manager, of Infrastructure LoB.

Before focusing on IoT and driving the introduction of virtual hardware, Awad was part of the Infrastructure leadership team driving ARM's Neoverse product line.

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