Asia's first deepwater jacket platform Haiji No. 1 put into production

Asia's first deepwater jacket platform "Haiji No. 1", independently designed and built by CNOOC, was officially put into use, marking China's success in unlocking the new oil and gas development of deepwater super-large jacket platforms. model.

The "Haiji No. 1" platform is located in the Lufeng oilfield group in the eastern South China Sea, with a water depth of 286 meters, a jacket height of 302 meters, a total platform height of over 340 meters, and a total weight of over 40,000 tons. Refresh the record of China's offshore single oil production platform.

According to CNOOC, the jacket platform is the most widely used offshore oil and gas development equipment in the world. It is mainly composed of three parts: jacket, pile legs, and upper module. The jacket is equivalent to the "foundation" of the platform, supporting the upper module with a weight of 10,000 tons.

According to reports, there are thousands of jacket platforms in the world, of which only 10 are used in water depths exceeding 280 meters. The operating water depth of the existing jacket platforms in my country is less than 200 meters, and the development mode of "floating production device + underwater production system" is usually adopted in the sea area with water depth exceeding 200 meters. "Haiji-1" is China's first attempt to develop a deep-water jacket platform.

"Haiji No. 1" has put into production 5 production wells at the same time, with an initial daily output of about 2,700 tons. Relying on "Haiji No. 1", CNOOC will develop two oil fields, Lufeng 15-1 and Lufeng 22-1, with a total of 14 production wells and 3 water injection wells, with a peak daily crude oil output of 5,000 tons after all are put into production.

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