ASRock releases B650 series motherboards

ASRock has now released its B650 series motherboards, including Taichi, Steel Legend, PG-ITX, and other models. B650E Taichi was born for the ultimate performance, equipped with a 24+2+1 phase 105 amp SPS (Smart Power Stage) digital power supply, equipped with a server-grade 8-layer PCB, which greatly reduces the problem of signal attenuation and provides a more stable PCIe Gen5 high-speed signaling. B650E Taichi also supports USB4 Type-C, and the transmission bandwidth can reach up to 40Gb/s.

B650E Steel Legend WiFi adheres to the consistent style of the Steel Legend series. It uses a 14+2+1 phase SPS power supply to provide a stable and clean current. The server-grade 8-layer PCB allows the system to run at a lower temperature, plus Nichicon 12K black gold capacitors and The large-area silver armor heat sink can effectively improve the heat dissipation effect of the VRM power supply module and M.2 SSD, bringing users a more durable service life.

B650E PG Riptide Wi-Fi is equipped with a powerful 14+2+1 phase SPS power supply and server-grade 8-layer PCB, supports PCIe 5.0 graphics card and SSD, equipped with Killer 2.5G network chip, and 2T2R Wi-Fi 6E Wireless network chip.

PG Lightning is a new sub-series of ASRock gaming brand Phantom Gaming, equipped with a 2.5G network chip and rich IO interface.

B650E PG-ITX WiFi is the main board of mini-ITX, but it is equipped with a 10+2+1 phase SPS power supply. At the same time, its 10-layer PCB also provides excellent heat dissipation capability for the small mainboard, allowing players to play the full CPU with peace of mind. efficacy.

B650E PG-ITX WiFi is also equipped with ASRock's exclusive feature - eDP interface. Players can add an eDP screen kit to their host and fix it on the transparent side panel of the chassis so that the chassis can also serve as a screen.

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