ASRock Releases LiveMixer Series Motherboards

ASRock launched a motherboard product line - LiveMixer, launched Z790 LiveMixer and B650 LiveMixer on Intel and AMD platforms respectively. Officially, LiveMixer is a new series of motherboards designed for streaming and live broadcast needs.

In terms of design, the official said that the design concept of LiveMixer is to leave graffiti in the concrete jungle, and use color to bring warmth to the dark environment; the graffiti that is splashed at will symbolize courage, and I hope users can have the courage to speak for themselves and Don't be afraid to try new things and live a richer life.

Z790 LiveMixer and B650 LiveMixer can support up to 23 USB devices without an external Hub. The rich number of interfaces allows users to connect external devices more freely, such as the keyboard, mouse, earphone, microphone, camera, fill light, etc.

In addition, LiveMixer is equipped with a rather special design - Ultra USB Power. Through the special circuit design, the main board's 12V power supply is converted into a 5V power supply. In addition to reducing the voltage drop and providing a more stable current, its independent circuit can avoid the influence of other 5V devices, and also eliminates the current when converting the voltage. noise within.

At present, ASRock has not announced the price of the new product.

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