ASUS plans to launch a backplane motherboard based on the TUF Gaming series

ASUS is planning to launch a motherboard with a rear interface, based on the TUF Gaming series, which aims to make the installation and wiring more convenient, and is currently conducting a call for names. The "Ancient Era Installer" at Station B recently cooperated with ASUS to launch the DIY-APE B660 Revolution motherboard with the interface on the back, priced at 1199 yuan, and shipped in late October. Now, it seems that ASUS will also come out in person and launch the interface rear motherboard, thus driving the ecological development in this area.

Through this design, the front of the motherboard will be cleaner, reducing the clutter of the wires inside the chassis, but the current chassis on the market does not support motherboards with this design. "Ancient Era Installer" has cooperated with Asus, Xianma, Lianli, Cooler Master and other manufacturers, and will launch a batch of suitable chassis.

At present, ASUS has not announced the specific model of this interface rear motherboard.

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