ASUS RTX 4090 graphics card price announced

Nvidia announced the prices of two Asus RTX 4090 graphics cards. The suggested retail price of the TUF model is 12,999 yuan, and the flagship Raptor is 15,999 yuan.

TUF Gaming 

The appearance of the RTX 40 series TUF Gaming graphics card is simple and tough, the metal wind shell shows the same military style as before, the surface of the graphics card has a matte texture, and the black and gray tone makes the overall unique flavor of the graphics card. The styling adds a touch of color, while the detachable Velcro loop also adds to the card's practicality, giving gamers additional cable management options. This graphics card features a die-cast one-piece shield that fits directly with the aluminum backplate, which can better strengthen the overall structure, prevent PCB sag, and increase cooling airflow.

Huge vents on the edges of the backplate allow more air to flow through the Axial fan's fins, providing 20% ​​more airflow than the previous-generation TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. The TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 uses the PCIe 5.0 standard's new 16-pin power connector, which provides a robust power delivery system with capacitors rated at 20K and high current power stages arranged in a 10+4 configuration.

RTX 4090 Raptor

According to the official introduction, in order to release the powerful performance of the new 40 series Ada core, ROG STRIX Raptor RTX4090 uses a new cooling module design. In the appearance part, a large number of elements of the cyberpunk worldview are used, and the design sense of the trend x function is very sufficient. The brilliant neon colors enrich the overall graphics card, and the futuristic sense of time and space occupies the mainstream of vision, opening the divine light. After synchronizing the lighting effects, it shows a charming cyber atmosphere.

The front of this graphics card is equipped with an overflow-designed ROG Logo with a hard-core functional line bonus, a red and blue gradient on the surface, and a fine-tuned version of the ROG letters. Considering better heat dissipation performance, the top of the graphics card is equipped with large-area fin air outlets to reduce heat dissipation resistance. The words REPUBLIC OF GAMER support the synchronization of ARGB lighting effects. The rear uses a ring light strip designed for sports car taillights.

This graphics card uses a stamped aluminum alloy combined with a gradient printing process and uses the ADC10 aluminum alloy material that has not been tried before, with good mechanical properties and machinability, and the fully wrapped design of the aluminum alloy backplane makes the graphics card stronger.

Designed for ultra-high resolution or ultra-fast refresh rates, ROG STIRX series graphics cards feature a 3.5-slot design with a built-in die-cast metal frame, shield, and backplane to prevent PCB sagging or warping.

This series of graphics cards features a newly designed heatsink that increases the cooling surface area by 30% compared to the previous generation ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090. With four 8mm and three 6mm heat pipes built in, the temperature is 5°C cooler when subjected to a heat load of 500 W. In addition, this series of graphics cards has also upgraded the Axial-tech fan with a thicker design with 7 blades, which provides 23.8% more airflow and 19.3% more pressure than the previous generation fan used on the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090. The power supply consists of a 12+4 phase system consisting of a 70 amp power stage, and an onboard digital controller provides greater accuracy in detecting power, as well as better power conversion and balancing to reduce noise and signal interference.

A number of models, including the RTX 4090 public version, will go on sale at 9 o'clock tomorrow night, starting at 12,999 yuan.

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