Boston Scientific's Kirin series of single-use injectable RF electrodes launched in China

The "Kirin" (Unified Electrode) series of disposable radiofrequency injection electrodes (hereinafter referred to as "Kirin" series electrodes), a radiofrequency ablation product for nerve ablation under the medical technology company Boston Scientific, was officially launched in China for chronic pain and Pain management in peripheral neuropathy-related disorders.

The "Kirin" series of electrodes innovatively combines the three instruments of trocar, electrode, and injection port into one, which greatly simplifies the operation steps, improves the operation efficiency, and also helps to improve the accuracy of the operation and reduce the risk of intraoperative complications. Risks from device exchange.

The "Super Kirin" electrode in this series is based on the "three-in-one" feature, with the help of the "black technology" at the tip of the electrode, to achieve enhanced imaging under ultrasound, allowing doctors to get rid of CT / X-ray image assistance and DSA operating room dependencies. "Super Kylin" helps doctors to complete radiofrequency surgery in outpatient clinics, enabling doctors and patients to enjoy green, economical, and convenient treatment.

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