BYD plans to expand the battery factory by 5 million

On October 9, the website of the environmental information disclosure platform of Shanghai enterprises and institutions showed that in order to meet market demand and the company's own development, BYD plans to invest 5 million yuan to build the expansion project of Shanghai BYD Co., Ltd.

Relevant documents show that Shanghai BYD Co., Ltd.'s existing factory is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, mainly engaged in the manufacture of electronic components such as lithium batteries and solar cell modules, as well as the processing of non-ferrous metal composite materials and new alloy materials. BYD will use the A5 workshop to add double folding and coding processes to new lithium battery products. After the project is completed, it is expected to process 72 million new lithium batteries per year, and the output of new lithium battery products will remain unchanged. After the expansion of the project, the number of employees and the working system will not change. The three-shift system is still implemented, each shift is 8 hours, and the annual working time is 300 days.

Regarding BYD's expansion project, some public opinions interpreted it as BYD's increase in power battery production capacity. However, according to Times Finance, BYD insiders said that the batteries produced by Shanghai BYD are mainly supplied to 3C categories, and the batteries produced are mainly supplied to Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, etc., of which Lenovo and Samsung account for a larger proportion. At present, the plant also has a new production line for high-end battery projects with steel shell laminations, which may be related to the above-mentioned expansion projects. Today, Wang Tao (pseudonym), the relevant person in charge of BYD, revealed that the transformation of the aforementioned production line is mainly some changes in the process, in order to supply Apple because their requirements are relatively strict. Wang Tao also said that BYD not only supplies batteries for Apple's tablets, but also includes headphones, mice, and other products, and the cooperation between the two parties is not bad at present.

The current Apple mobile phone battery suppliers are mainly ATL and LG, Apple Mac computer battery suppliers are mainly ATL and Zhuhai Guanyu, and iPad battery suppliers include BYD Fudi batteries.

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