BYD Semiconductor launches Ahome Q1 smart camera

BYD Semiconductor issued a document today saying that in order to meet the needs of domestic video surveillance systems, combined with the current situation of the security monitoring system industry, it has created a smart camera that is widely used in multiple places and has complete functions - Ahome Q1.

This product adopts the image sensor (BF3238) independently developed by BYD Semiconductor and has been systematically upgraded for traditional smart cameras. It has a highly concentrated processor, extremely low power consumption, strong stability, and supports RTSP, SMTP, and other protocols. Dual stream storage. Built-in microphone, speaker, resolution up to 1920×1080, support H.264&H.265 compression algorithm, support audio, and a video intercom function call and monitor function.

This is an indoor camera that can be widely used in various types of residential areas (such as villas, communities, families, etc.), small and medium indoor places (such as small and medium shops, small and medium company office areas, etc.), supports Android and iOS applications, built-in Humanoid tracking, motion detection, event/alarm, and other functions.

The BYD Ahome application has been listed on major application stores before, and the introduction is displayed as a "home intelligent security monitoring system".

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