Canon will spend about 2.455 billion yuan to build a chip manufacturing equipment factory in Japan

Canon will build a new semiconductor equipment factory in eastern Japan. The new factory will be built in Tochigi Prefecture and will start operations in the spring of 2025. The total investment will exceed 50 billion yen (about 2.455 billion yuan), including construction costs and installation of production equipment, and the company aims to double its current production capacity.

Canon plans to increase the output of lithography equipment, part of the key process of etching circuits in semiconductors. The company will also consider producing next-generation systems capable of manufacturing state-of-the-art delicate circuits at low cost.

Canon currently manufactures similar equipment at two plants in Japan, which are used to make chips for applications such as automotive control systems. The new factory will be built on a vacant plot of the existing factory, with an area of ​​approximately 70,000 square meters. This will be the first new factory for lithography equipment Canon has built in 21 years, with construction beginning in 2023.

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