CapFrameX tested AMD R9 7950X 16-core processor

CapFrameX found an interesting phenomenon when testing the AMD R9 7950X 16-core processor. After shielding an 8-core CCD, the R9 7950X ran "Metro: Departure" at a higher frame rate.

The AMD R9 7950X 16-core processor reportedly exhibits some oddities in terms of the maximum frequency distribution among its cores. The processor uses two 8-core CCD cores, with the cores in CCD-1 having a higher frequency than the cores in CCD-2, with a difference of up to 300 MHz.

CapFrameX notes that when CCD-2 is disabled, this processor offers higher gaming performance, up to a 10% boost. With CCD-2 disabled, CCD-1 can have higher power, sustaining higher frequencies on its 8 cores for longer periods of time.

The AMD R9 7950X flagship processor is now on sale, with a boxed price of 5,499 yuan, and it needs to be equipped with the latest X670 or B650 series motherboards.

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