Casio unveils ergonomic calculator

Casio released the "Ergonomic Calculator JE-12D" and "Ergonomic Calculator DE-12D", with a 3-degree inclination design, and the keys are arranged in a stepped shape. Casio has re-examined the design of the calculator with the knowledge of ergonomics based on the concept of " not people cooperating with calculators, but calculators cooperating with people ", focusing on "the use of 3~5 fingers on the right hand", and pursuing It is easy to use through the optimal design of the casing and key position. After analyzing the movement of fingers, posture, the direction of the push of keys, amount of muscle activity, etc. when people operate the calculator, this product is finally launched.

This calculator supports four calculation methods, tax calculation, percentage calculation, estimate calculation, days calculation, time calculation, rounding, square root, and other calculation methods. The battery is CR2025 and can be used for about 7 years (1 day 1-hour use).

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