CHERRY launches KC200 MX keyboard

CHERRY launched the KC200 MX keyboard, equipped with MX mechanical switches, priced at 629 yuan.

According to the official introduction, this series of keyboards uses brightly colored contrasting keycaps, like a piece of candy pieced together. The four colorways of the KC200 MX are Green and White Mint (Blue and White), Sweet Red Strawberry (Pink Purple), Rock Lime Orange (Orange Grey), and Caramel Cocoa (Black Copper). In addition to black, the other three keycaps use PBT material, which greatly improves dirt resistance and color reproduction. And it is equipped with a brushed metal cover, which makes the visual effect even better.

The KC200 MX is equipped with CHERRY's classic MX mechanical shaft, optional black, black, tea, and green four shafts, support full-key no-rush and 1000Hz high return rate, four additional multimedia function keys above the small keyboard, support the custom key function of CHERRY software.

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