Chinese game Bright Memory: Infinite supports NVIDIA DLSS 3

"Bright Memory: Infinite" has undergone a technical update today, adding NVIDIA DLSS 3 "frame insertion technology", which requires RTX40 series graphics cards and the latest driver to open. 

The official released a set of data, the latest RTX 4090 graphics card should be used, DLSS 3 is turned on under the ultra-high light pursuit setting, and the average frame rate can reach 117fps. The latest work of "Flying Swallow Islands", the domestic game developer of "Bright Memory: Infinite". In 2036, anomalies suddenly appeared in the sky around the world. A giant black hole appeared in the sky and swallowed mountains and ancient buildings. Scientists could not explain these phenomena. Behind the event, the world's survival was implicated.

Powered by the new 4th Gen Tensor Cores and new optical flow accelerators on GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs, DLSS 3 is the latest version of NVIDIA's acclaimed deep learning supersampling technology, and features groundbreaking optical multi-frame generation, according to NVIDIA Function.

Optical multi-frame generation technology generates completely new frames, not just pixels, resulting in an amazing performance boost. A new optical flow accelerator based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture analyzes two consecutive frames of game images and calculates motion vector data for objects and elements from frame to frame, rather than modeling them with the motion vectors of traditional game engines. This greatly reduces AI visual anomalies when rendering elements such as particles, reflections, shadows, and lighting.

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