Chinese manufacturers consider raising prices of 32-inch TV panels next year

Chinese LCD panel makers are considering raising the price of 32-inch TV panels next year and plan to slightly increase their usage by the end of the fourth quarter. 32-inch TVs are not only suitable for bedrooms and offices, but also suitable for students and young people with small living spaces, as well as seniors who have limited space but are not comfortable with large-screen TVs, because there are currently many users of 32-inch TVs. If the report is true, the new 32-inch TVs coming in 2023 could be sold at higher prices.

Previously reported that the price of TV panels was the first to stop falling from 32 inches in October. Industry analysts believe that in addition to super-large sizes, other TV panels are also expected to stop falling, but information electronics such as laptops (IT ) Panels may have to wait until the middle of next year to stop falling due to price competition from manufacturers.

Fan Boyu, vice president of research at TrendForce, said that the price of TV panels cannot fall, and the latest quotations from panel manufacturers require a full price increase. However, as demand has not recovered significantly, it is expected that only 32-inch panels are expected to rise slightly by US$1 in October. As for IT panels, the price decline has continued to converge, and some sizes are also expected to stop falling.

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