CITIC Mobile's 700M base station successfully covered the most arctic in China

According to CITIC Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd., in order to promote the construction of the 5G network in the frontier, CITIC Mobile and Heilongjiang Mobile Daxinganling Branch carried out the construction of 700M base station in Mohe Arctic Village, realizing the largest network in China. 5G coverage in the Arctic.

Mohe Arctic Village is known as the "Shenzhou Arctic" and "the first post in the north". The Arctic Village tourist attraction is one of the six 5A scenic spots in Heilongjiang Province. "It is also called the most natural landscape in the north and south of China, attracting tourism enthusiasts from all over the country. The opening of the 700M site in Mohe Arctic Village has made "Shenzhou Arctic Enjoy 5G" a reality, and significantly increased the wide coverage of 5G, greatly improved indoor deep coverage, and effectively absorbed 5G high ARPU users.

During the research and development stage of 5G equipment, CITIC Mobile conducted demand analysis and special design for environmental conditions in various scenarios such as high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, and vibration. In response to the extremely cold weather in the northern frontier in winter, all components of 5G base station equipment are made of low-temperature-resistant industrial-grade materials, and a complete device verification system has been passed to ensure that the equipment can operate stably at a low temperature of -50 °C for a long time, in addition, for auxiliary materials Such as power lines, optical fibers, power supply modules, etc. have also been specially designed to meet the long-term stable operation of the base station system in extremely cold weather.

The construction of the 5G base station in the Arctic Village of Daxinganling has made a model for the 5G network coverage in the frontier.

CITIC Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CITIC Mobile") is a core enterprise subordinate to China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd., a large-scale high-tech central enterprise. Hongxin Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly reorganized.

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