Cocos announced as the world's first 3D engine to support open source Harmony

According to Cocos community news, the team successfully adapted the 3.2 beta2 branches released by open-source Hongmeng OpenHarmony on July 30 on the basis of Cocos Creator 3.6.1, and successfully ran the official case game "Eagle Strike". "Long Sky" is on the development board (HH-SCDAYU200 board), and it can operate relatively smoothly.

This means that Cocos has thus become the world's first 3D engine to support OpenHarmony.

The adaptation of the OpenHarmony platform is still in progress, so it is necessary to download the community version separately to try it out, and it will enter the official version of Cocos Creator later. Cocos developers can publish and adapt OpenHarmony based on Cocos Creator v3.6.1 Community Edition.

Cocos also has a complete workflow built into the engine, and developers can build existing content into OpenHarmony's HAP application package.

At present, Cocos Creator 3.6.1 has been adapted to the 32-bit OpenHarmony system. In the follow-up development, Cocos will adapt to the 64-bit OpenHarmony system and will continue to focus on toolchain complementation, performance detail tuning, and interface depth compatibility.

Cocos is also the first game engine in the world to support HarmonyOS. In June 2021, Cocos Engine stated at a technical salon held in Shanghai that Cocos Creator 3.2 officially supports HarmonyOS.

The OpenHarmony open-source project is an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. OpenHarmony is an all-field, next-generation, open-source, open-source smart terminal operating system, with the main code contributed by Huawei and co-constructed by a number of companies.

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