Cooler Master launches C700M white limited edition chassis

Cooler Master announced the launch of the C700M white limited edition chassis on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, priced at 3899 yuan. The overall specifications and design of the white version of the C700M have not changed, but the internal black frame and the external silver aluminum trim are all replaced with silver white, which is convenient for players to install white motherboards and graphics cards. 

Unite. On the tempered glass on the side, the original black silk screen was changed to off-white, and the four iconic aluminum handles were also replaced with silver-white. It is worth mentioning that for the front aluminum front panel, the surface treatment process has also changed from the original aluminum wire drawing to sandblasting, a simple detail change also makes the whole vision more harmonious.

This flagship full-tower case uses an enlarged panel ventilation mesh area to optimize air intake performance and uses hyperboloid tempered glass instead. The modular internal structure is more DIY, and it has been upgraded to Address ARGB lighting effects.0

C700M adopts an aluminum metal panel, steel frame, and tempered glass material. The body size is 65.0cm x 30.6cm x 65.1cm, and it supports Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX Form Factor motherboards.

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