Da I ​​released Galy electronic paper book

Bigme released the world's first Gallery 3 color ink screen smart office notebook Galy, which will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Officially, it can display more than 50,000 colors, each pixel achieves a full-color gamut, the pixel density of 300ppi is clearer and brighter, and there are more advantages waiting for you to reveal.

The launch of the world's first color ink screen Galy using Gallery 3 is expected to officially open crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform in mid-November. The official website of Dawo that this electronic paper book is 8 inches and 300ppi, equipped with an 8-core processor + 6GB memory + 128GB flash memory.

In April this year, E Ink launched Gallery 3 full-color electronic paper technology. E Ink Gallery 3 is developed using E Ink ACeP Advanced Color ePaper full-color electronic paper display technology. Based on the full-color electronic paper technology architecture, the color display effect of the full-color gamut is realized with four electronic inks including cyan, magenta, yellow, and white.

E Ink Gallery 3 has improved page turning speed to 350 milliseconds when displaying black and white text, and the update speed of color display has also been greatly improved, in fast color display mode, the update speed is 500 milliseconds; standard mode is 750 to 1,000 milliseconds; best The color display mode is 1,500 milliseconds, which is a significant speed improvement compared to the first-generation black and white display update time of 2 seconds and the color update time of 10 seconds.

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