Data shows that 20 chips/development boards have been integrated into the backbone of Hongmeng OpenHarmony

With the recent integration of two development boards into the backbone of the OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony") community, the OpenHarmony chip/development board platform has been further enriched, and 20 chips/development boards have been incorporated into the OpenHarmony trunk.

The two development boards integrated into the OpenHarmony backbone are the KHDVK-3566B development board launched by Shenzhen Kaihong, and the Niobe U4 development board based on the ESP32 series chips created by Kaihong Zhigu.

Among them, Shenzhen Kaihong KHDVK-3566B is a smart screen development board based on OpenHarmony embedded KaihongOS, using ROCKCHIP RK3566 Cortex-A55 quad-core processor, suitable for tablet computers, face-scanning cash registers, home appliance displays, industrial robots, medical testing Equipment, advertising machines, digital signage, teaching all-in-one machines and other equipment.

The Niobe U4 development board of Kaihong Zhigu Company is based on the ESP32-U4WDH chip. It is a chip specially designed for the Internet of Things and is suitable for various application scenarios such as smart homes and smart education.

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