Dayu Zhixin DPU and OpenCloudOS 8.5 complete product compatibility and mutual certification

According to the release of OpenCloudOS, recently, Dayu Zhixin and the OpenCloudOS community have completed product compatibility and mutual certification. After rigorous testing by both parties, Dayu Zhixin Paratus series DPU products have good compatibility with the full-link localized operating system OpenCloudOS 8.5 products. During the test, the operation is stable, the performance is excellent, safe, and reliable, and it meets the functional and compatibility test requirements.

In the era of big data, computing power has become a new type of productivity, and chips and operating systems are the foundation for building a digital economy industrial ecology. DPU is the "third main chip" after the CPU and GPU.

OpenCloudOS is an operating system community project initiated by operating systems, cloud platforms, software, and hardware manufacturers and individuals. At the beginning of its establishment, it decided to become a completely open and neutral open-source community and has confirmed the acceptance of community project donations through the TOC review of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation. The community will build a fully neutral, open, secure, stable, and easy-to-use, high-performance Linux server operating system.

Dayu Zhixin is a technology start-up company focusing on DPU and is currently one of the leading companies in the domestic DPU field. Dayu Zhixin provides a complete set of DPU-centered software and hardware products including chips, hardware products, system software, and application integration through existing and self-developed advanced process chips, self-developed high-performance IaaS components, and acceleration capabilities for specific protocols. and services.

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