Dedicated Metaverse device market stock will reach 100 million by 2024

Strategy Analytics released a report saying that as an investment in the metaverse grows, the ownership of dedicated metaverse devices (VR and AR headsets) will surge. By 2024, the market stock of Metaverse devices will double from the current 50 million.

Strategy Analytics said that reaching a market stock of 100 million in 2024 will be a major milestone for this relatively new consumer electronics category, helping to drive its further growth and investment. The report notes that so far, the market has been dominated by VR headsets, with AR devices largely confined to the enterprise market. AR headsets are expected to drive future growth as more consumer-facing devices are released. In 2021, AR device shipments will account for just over 1% of Metaverse devices, and by 2027, its share will grow to 64%.

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