deepin 20.7.1 of deepin will support automatic matching of NVIDIA graphics card drivers

Deepin operating system community released an announcement, deepin 20.7.1 is coming soon, this version will optimize the adaptation of graphics card drivers, and can automatically match the appropriate closure according to the current NVIDIA graphics card on the user's machine. Install the source driver version.

This version solves the problem that the closed-source driver version of the N card cannot be completely backward compatible. Once the wrong version is installed, it is easy to have a black screen of death.

deepin 20.7.1 refactored the upstream driver package, the refactored package name = old package name + major version number so that multiple driver versions can exist in the system warehouse at the same time. At present, there are a total of 340, 390, 470, and 510 driver packages in the warehouse, which can cover graphics cards released in the past 15 years.

In addition, deepin 20.7.1 adds the NVIDIA driver pre-installation function. After installing the system, you can use the closed-source driver without manual installation. According to the NVIDIA graphics card of the current machine, a driver can be automatically selected and installed.

deepin 20.7.1 will also improve the notebook driver for NVIDIA + AMD graphics cards, and plans to consider three configuration options - only I card, only N card, mixed use of I card and N card (Prime offload), and let users You can freely choose one of them.

The latest version of deepin operating system is deepin 20.7. This version has added HWE 5.18 kernel to be compatible with more hardware devices, further improving system compatibility and security; the global search function has been further optimized to support the Google search engine - Internationalization support, and the default search engine can be configured according to user needs.

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