Deepin V23 Alpha Xingyun Design of deepin operating system is released

deepin officially announced the key update of deepin V23 Alpha version - Xingyun Design, which brings us a preview of the design improvements of future deepin versions. Xingyun's design has been redrawn from icons to new color palettes, from the optimization of shadow blur details to the saturation of superimposed backgrounds, from the free control of layout controls to animation design, such as water, agile rushing, such as clouds, natural flow.

In deepin V23 alpha version, Xingyun Design provides standard controls covering mainstream application interface development, including buttons, input boxes, sliders, context menus, lists, prompt boxes, dialog boxes, progress bars, and other 10+ classified controls Themes, subdivide up to 70+ control instances according to state, scene.

Control effects, such as rounded corners, shadows, transparency, etc., and control styles such as font size, size, color, etc., are optimized and perfected. At the same time, these styles also support attribute definition, making development more efficient and making the visual experience more complete.

Xingyun Design is one of the "friendly features" for developers. Its declarative language framework makes interface development more efficient and faster. The development control library dtkdeclarative is specially created for Deepin's next-generation operating system, providing a theme style and development interface that is seamlessly integrated with the operating system.

dtkdeclarative is based on Qt Quick and Qt QML basic framework  , the code design draws on qtdeclarative, and realizes the full control coverage of Qt Quick Controls 2.

Its birth can provide DTK (Developer Tool Kit) with the ability to expand color styles, visual effects, etc., such as flexible customization of color palettes, support for hardware-accelerated rendering UI, etc. Providing a theme style and development interface that seamlessly integrates with the operating system is the key to being truly developer-friendly.

At present, the applications developed using dtkdeclarative that follow the Xingyun design style include music, photo albums, and viewing pictures.

Deepin officially stated that in the next time, it will lead you to meet with Xingyun application, music, pictures, and photo albums one after another, and more deepin V23 Alpha content and animation videos will be released gradually.

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