E Ink Introduces New Color E-Paper Displays

At present, E Ink's ink screen has been widely used in e-paper book products, in addition to some green e-paper display products, today E Ink introduced the employee identification card as an example, as information kanban, station card, and other product applications.

Color electronic paper identification card (for visitors/employees)

It is used to log in to the online visitor reservation system. When the visitor arrives in the hall, the information can be transmitted in real-time by NFC induction, and the visitor's exclusive identification card can be produced. It can be used as an employee's personal identification card, and can also be combined with the function of meal swiping and access control induction.

Color office workstation sign/office door plate/conference room door plate

Color e-paper replaces printed paper or acrylic station signs.

Outdoor or indoor parking lot parking space counting color sign

Placed in the parking lot, the entrance of the parking lot of the factory building, or in the parking lot to display the vehicle count on each floor, replacing the traditional LED or LCD display. E Ink's official website shows that, as a global leader in electrophoretic electronic paper display technology, E Ink is actively deploying and promoting diversified fields such as new retail, transportation, education, logistics, and medical care with its partners in the ecosystem with advanced technologies. At the same time, as an ideal display screen in the Internet of Things era, it will give full play to the application potential of electronic paper in the Internet of Things era and realize the beautiful vision of "creating a paperless environment".

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