Exaggeration RTX 4090 graphics card manufacturers recommend 1200W power supply

Nvidia's GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards need some very high-powered power supplies, but Nvidia's AIB partners' official recommendations for power supplies for their various RTX 4090 graphics cards are still very much in the demand. Some AIB manufacturers follow Nvidia's standard power recommendation of only 850W, but quite a few AIB manufacturers list 1000W as a recommended power supply, and some even reach an astonishing 1200W. The following are the recommended power supplies for each AIB manufacturer:

For its ROG Strix graphics card, ASUS recommends a 1000W PSU power supply. Asus suggests this because the company assumes that users will overclock both the CPU and GPU. Gigabyte's Aorus Master and Zotac's AMP Extreme / Trinity RTX 4090 graphics cards also have the same 1000W PSU recommendation.

For the flagship 4090 GPUs from MSI, PNY, GALAXY, and INZO, all of these cards recommend the 850W power supply officially recommended by Nvidia. However, Palit recommends that its RTX 4090 GameRock graphics card use a PSU of up to 1200W, which is by far the most demanding requirement among graphics card manufacturers. You must know that the four-way GTX 980 Ti graphics card of the year only required such a large power supply.

Palit didn't give a reason for its recommendation of a 1200W power supply, possibly because the company felt that including a power-hungry CPU like the Core i9-12900K might require a 1200W power supply when heavily overclocked.

This wide range of power supply recommendations can be confusing to consumers, and using the wrong PSU can create problems and, in the worst case, even cause the system to not function properly.

Most of the RTX 4090 models mentioned above are the flagship version of the RTX 4090 SKU, thankfully almost all of Nvidia's AIB partners have "normal" RTX 4090 SKUs, using Nvidia's reference Power requirements, only 850W PSU is recommended.

The recommended power supply is not suitable for everyone, because everyone's computer configuration, overclocking, etc. may be different. In addition, the reason why manufacturers sometimes recommend high-power power supplies may also be due to the consideration of reducing after-sales service.

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