Foxconn employees receive NT$1 million in bonuses per capita

Apple launched a new iPhone 14 series last month, of which the 14 Pro and Pro Max are the two highest-selling models. Thanks to Apple's large replenishment of orders in 2021, Foxconn, Apple's largest foundry, has also received sufficient income, and employee dividends can reach more than NT$1 million.

According to several foreign media reports, Hon Hai's annual dividend bonus arrived at the end of September. This year's dividend ratio is 5%, with a total amount of about NT$6 billion, which is slightly lower than last year's NT$6.35 billion. There are 1 million to 1.1 million NT dollars (about 249,000 yuan).

Hon Hai's performance last year was excellent, with a net income after tax of NT$139.32 billion, a year-on-year increase of 37%, and a net profit per share of NT$10.05 after tax, a new high since 2008. The gross profit margin was 6.4% and the operating rate was 6.4%. 2.49% and a net profit margin of 2.32% showed a good result of three rates and three rises.

According to Foxconn's company system, in addition to the Mid-Autumn Festival bonus, employees will also allocate 5% to 7% of profits according to the annual charter as employee compensation in September each year.

To put it simply, Foxconn employees have three important bonus opportunities every year. A fixed salary of 14 is paid at the end of the year. Performance bonuses are paid before the Lunar New Year. The annual dividend is distributed at the end of September and early October each year.

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