Global channel SSD shipments will reach 127 million units in 2021

TrendForce released a report saying that the global channel SSD shipments in 2021 will be 127 million units, an increase of 11% year-on-year. Judging from the ranking of SSD module manufacturers in 2021, the top three in terms of shipment market share are still Kingston, ADATA, and Kimtigo. In the top three, only Kingston's market share has declined slightly. Due to the huge production demand, it is difficult to meet order delivery when the wafers are tight, so the shipment volume is affected.

The report pointed out that the biggest change is that Transcend’s ranking has risen sharply from tenth place in 2020 to sixth place, as well as the newcomers Powev and Gigabyte.

TrendForce said that Transcend has obtained the support of the SSD master IC factory with its long-term brand advantages, and the shipment volume has also increased significantly. In particular, SSD products are specially designed to meet the needs of Apple's laptop upgrades. With the increase in the market share of Apple's laptops, the demand for Transcend-related products will increase, and the market share of SSD shipments will rise to 5% in 2021. Benefiting from its long-term operation in the high-end game market, coupled with its diversified product solutions, Jiahe Jinwei has been squeezed into the top ten as the demand for high-end performance and game-related products maintains strong growth momentum. Gigabyte also benefited from the company's efforts to expand the supply of game-related parts and components, driving SSD shipments in its motherboard products.

The above-mentioned global SSD rankings are calculated based on the shipments of module manufacturers' own brands in the channel market, and the original NAND Flash parts are not included. NAND Flash original factory supply accounted for about 42% of the overall channel market, and module factory shipments accounted for about 58%.

In addition, TrendForce pointed out in the report that in the SSD supply chain, the proportion of products of mainland Chinese enterprises is increasing. Especially in terms of main control IC technology, many manufacturers have gradually entered the research and development of PCIe main control IC , and even some module manufacturers have cooperated with Chinese mainland enterprises to develop enterprise SSD.

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