Google Japan Design unveils giant single-row Gboard Bar physical keyboard

Google Japan recently announced the launch of the Gboard Bar, a huge physical keyboard with all the keys arranged in a row. Google Japan says the new keyboard has many benefits, most importantly it allows users to find keys faster than before. For Google Japan, the inspiration came from: Over the years, many people have focused on the "Key" in the word "keyboard" without ever really diving into it. In Japanese, the word keyboard translates as キーボード(kii-bou-do), so since キー(kii (key)) got so much attention, it decided to focus on the ボー(bou) part, which itself translates For the bow (rod/rod). Taking advantage of this, new design ideas emerged that improved navigation compared to traditional keyboards by placing all the keys in a straight line. According to the company, this minimizes the need to look in all directions like a traditional keyboard. Users can start from scratch and just look at each keystroke until they find what they're looking for.

Google Japan also says the new keyboard has ergonomic and health benefits, allowing the arms and legs to stretch naturally while typing. The device even has additional features, such as being a physical extension of the user's limbs, making it easier to press buttons that are out of reach. Users can also use it as a trekking pole or a ruler for measuring objects while hiking, and it's easy to clean, requiring only a long wipe. Currently, Google Japan only has plans for a standard layout but is considering a version with emojis, as well as an LED-enabled gaming keyboard.

Google Japan has no plans to mass-produce the product and make it available for sale. However, Google Japan did set up a GitHub page and uploaded all the necessary data files, which users can refer to make their own. This physical keyboard measures 1650mm.

Google also reminded that Gboard is a very useful keyboard input method application that can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices to improve users' typing experience in new ways.

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