Google Pixel 7 / Pro digital health function new function

At the hardware conference held in Brooklyn on Thursday, Google officially released the long-awaited Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, equipped with upgraded Tensor G2 chips. Interestingly, while emphasizing safety, voice, and camera features, the company also briefly showcased a health feature on the slide cough and snoring detection. It works in the background while you sleep, and the summary section of the daily bedtime shows how long you snored and how many times you coughed during sleep.

In order to turn on the snoring and coughing detection function of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, users need to grant access to the device's microphone. However, the detection happens locally on the device, so the phone doesn't record any audio or send any data to Google's servers.

In the Digital Wellbeing app, snoring data reflects the total time a user snored during a set bedtime, in minutes and hours. Likewise, cough detection shows the total number of times the user has coughed during the specified sleep time. Both types of data can be viewed on a timeline, helping users pinpoint exactly when they actually coughed and/or snore during sleep.

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