Google Pixel 7/Pro finally supports face unlock

The Pixel 7 series was finally released, and pre-orders have been opened, followed by the outside world's research on a large number of new features of the new machine. One feature that many Pixel users have been waiting for is Face Unlock, which is finally being supported on the Pixel 7 series. However, the feature doesn't appear to be as comprehensive as some would like.

Blogger Andreas Proschofsky pointed out that the face unlock feature on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro can only be used to unlock the phone. This means that it cannot be used for other authentication purposes, such as mobile payments or password managers.

According to Proschofsky, Google said the feature is classified as Type 1 biometrics, which means the feature isn't for security purposes, it's just for "convenience. " Google also confirmed this to media outlet Android Police, telling them that the feature can only be used to unlock phones.

 While Google touted its machine-learning capabilities when introducing the Pixel 7's Face Unlock, it's reasonable for the company to limit the feature. Because the phone doesn't have the necessary hardware to provide secure facial recognition capabilities, it's quite possible to fool the facial recognition system without specialized hardware.

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro also support the fingerprint function under the screen. If you are very concerned about security, it is best not to use the face unlock function.

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