Google Pixel phones will take another 60 years to sell to catch up with Samsung’s one-year sales

Samsung is currently the No. 1 manufacturer of Android mobile phones, especially in the United States, while Google Pixel smartphones are difficult to gain the advantage of Android. According to sales data shared by market analysts, it would take Google about 60 years to sell Pixel phones to match Samsung's one-year sales of Galaxy smartphones.

Google has sold 27.6 million Pixel phones since launching in 2016, according to a sales report from market research firm IDC. And as Bloomberg reporter @vladsavov emphasized, this is equivalent to 1/10 of Samsung's mobile phone sales in one year (2021), which means that at this rate, Google will need to continue selling Pixel phones for about 60 years before it can catch up with Samsung. Galaxy phone sales over a 12-month period.

The market believes that as long as Google doesn't build a huge global retail network, the Pixel series will never pose a threat to Samsung's mobile business. Google's Pixel is mainly active in the US, but even so, the Pixel series has no advantage over the Samsung Galaxy series of phones.

The same goes for smartwatches powered by Google's Wear OS, which for nearly a year has exclusive rights to the latest OS version for wearables, and as a result, Samsung has the largest Wear OS 3 market share. Google is trying to launch its first Pixel Watch smartwatch, but to catch up with Galaxy Watch sales, it may encounter the same competition problems.

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