Google Pixel Watch users accidentally found wireless charging

At the Made By Google fall event this month, Google officially launched its first smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch. Although Google officially stated that the watch cannot be wirelessly charged, many users said that it can. Is it a hidden function?

On Reddit, some users claim that the Google Pixel Watch can be charged wirelessly via reverse charging from a smartphone or some Qi wireless chargers.

Google Pixel Watch product experts responded that the Pixel Watch can be charged wirelessly under certain conditions, but officials still insist that the watch does not support wireless charging. In some charging configurations, reverse wireless charging or Qi charging appears to be effective. However, this is specific to some devices and chargers and cannot guarantee a consistent, stable, or correct charger. In some cases, doing so may cause the device to discharge instead of charging. For the best experience, users should always use the charger that came with the watch.

The Google Pixel Watch is equipped with a magnetic disc charger, and it is not clear why Google does not promote the wireless charging function of the Pixel Watch.

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