Google unveils more details on Pixel Tablet

At the I/O conference a few months ago, Google revealed that it will launch a new generation of Pixel tablets equipped with its self-developed Tensor chips in 2023. Taking the opportunity of the official debut of Pixel 7 / Pro and Pixel Watch today, the official also further disclosed more details of the new tablet Pixel Tablet. Google believes that the tablet can not only "integrate into the home environment" but also "bring a good feeling".

First of all, in the part of the appearance, according to the pictures released before, this tablet has added a layer of nano-ceramic coating on the recycled aluminum material, so that it presents a different texture, and the frame around the screen is the same as shown in the past. There is a certain width, but the specifications of the panels themselves remain a secret. At today's event, Google also confirmed that the Pixel Tablet will use the same Tensor G2 chip as the Pixel 7 series.

The most interesting thing about this tablet is that it will come with a magnetic base, which turns it into a smart display. As the company points out, the tablet is at home about 80 percent of the time, so the accessory is effectively designed to double as a large Next Hub while charging, making it a neat addition.

"The Pixel tablet is paired with a magnetic speaker dock to keep your device fully charged 24/7, giving the tablet the best features of a smart display. The Pixel tablet is designed to seamlessly transition from a home display to one you can take anywhere entertainment device making it one of the most versatile tablets that can easily fit into your tablet.”

As for the specifications of the camera and battery, Google will leave it to be announced later, but Google also confirmed that the Pixel Tablet will support third-party stylus, which is worth looking forward to.

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