Google's official twitter account caught using iPhone to promote the new Pixel 7 series

Google's social media team on Twitter was found to use the iPhone to promote the latest Pixel 7 series flagship phones.

When posting information about the latest Pixel series, the text "Twitter for iPhone" appeared below the official Google Pixel tweet, which was quickly deleted. Obviously, you shouldn't use a competitor's product when promoting your own.

On October 18, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the M2 iPad Pro on Twitter, and the Google Pixel official Twitter responded to the tweet on October 20, promoting the latest Pixel models and the NBA. This time, though, its social media team was cautious, using Twitter's Web release, not the iPhone.

 Samsung’s team has made similar mistakes before. Last January, Samsung was caught using iPhones to promote its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, and it made the same mistake in 2018 when it promoted the Galaxy Note 9 display.

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