HMD Global CEO Florian Seiche announces his departure

HMD Global (Nokia Mobile) CEO Florian Seiche has announced his resignation. He announced his decision to leave on LinkedIn. It was somewhat surprising that his departure was not announced through company channels.

Typically, such executive departures are planned in advance, so someone takes over the role before it is announced.

HMD provided Nokiamob with an internal statement on Florian Seiche's departure, stating "Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, has left the HMD business to pursue other opportunities. We would like to thank him for everything he has done for HMD and wish him all the best for the future.".

Now that Nokia is no longer in the smartphone field, HMD Global has four years to use the Nokia brand, after which it can choose to extend the license or choose to give up the brand.

Florian Seiche posted his departure statement on his LinkedIn account:

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